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Flying Starts for Unique Children: Top Tips for Supporting Children with SEN or Autism When They Start School

by Adele Devine Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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Pbk 312 pages
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Help children with SEN and autism to have a good first impression of your school and it can make all the difference to their entire school experience.  


Regular Teach Early Years contributor and SEN expert Adele Devine shares her top tips for making the school environment as welcoming and inclusive as possible for children with SEN and autism. This book covers essential topics such as working with parents, supporting transitions between home and school, helping children with sensory issues to cope in a stimulating classroom, teaching waiting and patience skills, using visual teaching methods, understanding behaviour, promoting independence and much more. Case studies and practical examples show you exactly how a truly inclusive classroom can be achieved, by demonstrating how a range of situations are experienced from the child's perspective. Designed to be perfect for dipping into and referring back to as problems arise, this book is a fantastic resource for busy educators.

Acknowledgements. An Introduction - Once Upon a Time... . 1. First Impressions: What a difference first impressions can make to a child's school experience. 2. Keeping Mum: Supporting, listening and learning from parents. 3. Communication with Parents: Communication with parents will save you time. 4. Unlocking that Special Child: Finding the key to engage a child with special needs. 5. Colour Coded Symbols: Colour coding to promote understanding. 6. Show Them the Way: Using visuals - practical ideas and examples. 7. 'What's Next?': Seeing from all angles - understanding the reasons behind behaviours. 8. Be a Supermodel: Teaching children through using staff and other children as positive role models. 9. Toilet Training: Useful ideas and examples of toilet training children with special educational needs. 10. Flower Power: When traditional methods don't work it's time to find the roots. 11. If You're Good: A positive approach to behaviour and using rewards. 12. I Can't Wait: Teaching waiting skills. 13. Choice Time: Helping children who find it difficult to make choices. 14. Good Sitting: Supporting the child who cannot sit still. 15. Against the clock: How using timers can enable a special child to stay on track. 16. The relationship with Technology: How to use that love of technology. 17. Volume Control: Help children with noise sensitivity cope with school. 18. Space Invaders: Teaching children and being aware of personal space. 19. The Sixth Sense: Proprioception - Is that bouncy child still learning where their body is in space? 20. Chewing: Strategies for the child who chews toys or clothes. 21. When Clothes Hurt: Sensitivity to clothes and shoes. 22. Personal Care: Supporting the child with anxieties about hair washing, hair cuts and brushing teeth. 23. Food Phobia: Children who refuse to eat or have extremely limited diets. 24. Recipe for Success: Cooking with SEN children. 25. Eating Out: Taking children with special needs to restaurants. 26. Retail Therapy: Taking children with special needs to real shops. 27. Pet Therapy: The difference a pet can make - cats, dogs, guinea pigs etc. 28. Dealing with Different Days: Why Halloween, dress up days, sports days, fireworks and other changes can cause anxiety. Strategies and supports. 29. Planning for Christmas: Why Christmas causes anxieties - Ways to help. 30. Christmas Play: Helping that Special Child Shine. 31. Present Danger: Teaching children to handle gift giving times. 32. A Change of Setting. Supporting the transition between home and school, class to class or school to school. 33. Reasons to Be Hopeful: Changing our attitudes and language can change outcomes. 34. Extending Learning: Extra information on Attention Autism, Intensive Interaction, Makaton, Social Stories, PECS and TEACCH. 35. Happily Ever After: What children can achieve with the right support.

Adele Devine is a Special Needs teacher at a school for young people with severe learning difficulties and autism. She has over a decade of experience teaching children on the autism spectrum and worked as an ABA home tutor before qualifying as a teacher in 2004. Adele has a regular two-page feature in Teach Early Years magazine and shares her knowledge of special education needs through 'A Special Blog' (www.senassist.com/blog). In 2010, she co-founded the multi-award winning SEN Assist autism software with her husband. They have three children and live in Surrey, UK.