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Media and Political Process 2ed

by Eric Louw SAGE Publications Ltd
Pub Date:
Ebk 240 pages
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How have professional communicators transformed the business of politics? How do political bodies use the media to sell domestic and foreign policies to the public? This fully revised new edition of The Media and Political Process assesses the impact of spin doctoring and media activity in liberal democracies that are just as concerned with impression management and public relations as with policy. Political processes never stand still, and this revised second edition explores the mediatisation of the political process in light of recent developments, from Vladimir Putin's growth into a political celebrity, to the activities of spin doctors in the 2008 US Presidential Elections. Providing a comprehensive overview of the evolution, operation and terminology of political communication, this text is an accessible, lively resource for students of political communication and media and politics, and will be important further reading for students of journalism, public relations and cultural studies.

Introduction Politics: Image versus Substance What is Politics? Politics: Hype and Substance The Media as a Power Resource The Game of Political Impression Management What is Media-ized Politics? Western Political Development: An Evolving Symbiosis of Media and Politics The Origins of Liberal Democracy The Early Anglo Model The Massification of Liberal Democracy Managing Democracy: Taming Western Publics The Media's Evolving Role in Liberal Governance Liberal Democracy and the Public Sphere Political Media Practice: An Outline From Fourth Estate to Sensationalized Watchdogism News as Entertaining Spectacle Constructing the News Window 1: Journalistic Practices Constructing the News Window 2: Choosing Sources Constructing the News Window 3: Newsroom Struggles Institutionalizing the Media-Politician Relationship Journalists: Watchdogs or Symbiotic Partners? Journalistic 'Power' Spin-Doctoring: The Art of Political Public Relations The Rise of PR Professionals as Political Players Changes to the Political Process The Innovators of PR-ized Politics The Normalization of PR-ized Politics What is Political PR? The Tools of Political PR Selling Politicians and Creating Celebrity Constructing Celebrity The Game: Playing to a Televisual Audience Genres of Political Celebrity Selling Political Policies and Beliefs Worldviews Making Worldviews Popularizing Worldviews The Function of Worldviews Selling War/Selling Peace The Era of Mass Consent for Mass Killing Vietnam: A Televised Non-censored War The PR-ization of Warfare Nintendo Warfare The Iraq War Selling Peace The Media and Terrorism Terrorism as Communication Terrorist Audiences Fighting Terrorism Terrorism and the Media The Media and Foreign Relations The CNN Effect Foreign Policy Making: The Players The Media and Foreign Relations The Media-ized Dimension of Foreign Relations Conclusion: Searching for Answers (and Questions) What is Media-ization The Routines and Practices of Media-ized Politics Creating Hype Politics When Things Go Wrong for Spin-doctors Hype-Politics: A System in Trouble or a System Re-Inventing Itself? Is Media-ization Bad?

This is a timely new edition of Louw's accessible and comprehensive book. It will make essential reading for students and teachers of political media Brian McNairProfessor of Journalism and Communication, University of Strathclyde This is a reflective, thorough and welcome overview of the field. It carefully considers the dynamic relationships between the media and political spheres and will therefore be highly valuable to students seeking to understand and analyse developments Dominic WringReader in Political Communication, Loughborough University For more than 300 years media and politics in the western world have been complex institutions and the subjects of numerous works. In this book Dr Louw has successfully drawn together the various strands that create politics and media, providing an enjoyable narrative that demonstrates his strong understanding of the roles they play in modern socioeconomic policy and processes. This second edition makes a vital contribution to the way we view media and politics at the beginning of what promises to be an exciting century Richard StantonSenior Lecturer, The University of Sydney
Qualifications: PhD, University of Natal, South AfricaBackground: Eric Louw has previously taught at a number of South African universities and worked as a journalist on the Pretoria News. He also served as the chair of a Non-Government Organization engaged in development communication work in Africa. Louw serves on the editorial boards of the following journals: Communication, Culture and Critique; Communicating for Social Change; Ecquid Novi; Critical Arts; Communicatio; and Journal of Global Mass Communication.Research Interests: Political Communication, South African political discourse