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Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills: Unlock the Creativity and Innovation in You and Your Team 3ed

by Paul Sloane Kogan Page
Pub Date:
Pbk 208 pages
AU$32.99 NZ$34.77
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Lateral thinking can help you transform your ability to generate ideas, unlock the creative potential of your team and make your organization more innovative. With a lively, energetic and practical approach, The Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills will teach you dynamic, up-to-date techniques to unleash the creative energies of your people and show you how to put the techniques to work immediately. Lateral thinking can turn your organization around and make you a better leader.

In The Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills, highly acclaimed author, trainer and presenter Paul Sloane demonstrates how the lateral leader develops the vision, culture and processes that transform a regular business into an innovation hothouse. This book is packed with real-life examples, practical methods and lateral thinking exercises that you can put to work today.


Chapter - 00: Introduction;

Chapter - 01: The need for innovation;

Chapter - 02: Characteristics of the lateral leader;

Chapter - 03: The innovation test;

Chapter - 04: Laying the foundations for change;

Chapter - 05: Making the vision real;

Chapter - 06: Challenge your assumptions;

Chapter - 07: Ask searching questions;

Chapter - 08: Take a different view;

Chapter - 09: Combine the unusual;

Chapter - 10: Adopt, adapt, improve;

Chapter - 11: Break the rules;

Chapter - 12: Analyse first;

Chapter - 13: Increase the yield;

Chapter - 14: Introduce the random;

Chapter - 15: Evaluate;

Chapter - 16: Implement;

Chapter - 17: Welcome failure;

Chapter - 18: Use the team;

Chapter - 19: Organizing for innovation;

Chapter - 20: Common mistakes:; great ways to crush creativity;

Chapter - 21: 21 Great ways to innovate;

Chapter - 22: Summary;

Chapter - 23: The lateral leadership course;

"For executives looking to blast their conscious minds into orbit, galactic thinker Edward de Bono offers a hyperlink to the edge of space. For those of us content to do business on planet earth, Paul Sloane is fast becoming the number one guide."
Paul Sloane is an experienced speaker, course leader and facilitator. A recognized authority on innovation and creative speaking, he speaks and gives workshops to leading corporations around the world. He is also the best-selling author of How to Be a Brilliant Thinker, The Innovative Leader and editor of A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing, all published by Kogan Page.