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Solar Heating in Cold Regions

by Jean-Francois Rozis and A Guinebault Intermediate Technology Publications
Pub Date:
Pbk 176 pages
AU$52.99 NZ$54.77
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Alain Guinebault and Jean-Francois Rozis This book is primarily a technical guide to the design and production of solar installations in regions where heating is an issue of utmost importance. This book is written mainly for technicians, architects and designers who are interested in solar heating systems in cold regions of developing countries

Foreword vii; Acknowledgements viii; PART ONE: The issues for solar heating in cold regions of; developing countries; 1 What can solar energy offer? 3; The cold regions of developing countries 5; Why passive heating is suitable for cold regions of developing; countries 13; Experimentation and applications 17; 2 An intervention methodology 26; Methodology for a programme of dissemination of solar; techniques 27; PART TWO: Nine solar installations for housing and agriculture; 3 Housing types tested in cold regions 33; The solar wall 33; The Trombe wall 43; The attached greenhouse - veranda type 47; Mixed hammam/solai wall system 52; 4 Examples of agricultural applications 59; The open field solar greenhouse 59; Polythene greenhouse 65; The attached growers' greenhouse 66; Solar hen house for latitudes over 25- 67; Low-latitude solar hen house using latent heat 71; PART THREE: The physics of solar heating; 5 The solar resource 77; The origin of the sun and solar radiation 77; The impact of solar radiation on a given area 81; Forecasting energy received at a given surface 85; 6 Materials and their thermal properties 90; Three fundamental modes of heat transfer 90; The steady state 92; The thermal behaviour of materials 92; 7 Details of collection, storage and distribution 105; Absorption 107; Storage 108; Heat distribution 109; Collector-storage interaction 111; 8 Role of thermal insulation 113; Thermal insulation of glazing 113; Controlling air re-circulation 114; Insulation of opaque surfaces 115; 9 Building design and choice of system 118; 10 Predicting thermal performance of solar buildings 122; Simplified manual methods 122; Computer methods 129; Appendix I: Principles for use of a solar greenhouse 135; Appendix II: Practical guide to using a solar hen house 141; Appendix III: Radiation indicators and cylindrical solar diagrams 143; Appendix IV: Economic calculation and comparative costs 155; Appendix V: Sizing a hammam hearth 158; Appendix VI: Calculating sizes for a latent heat collector 160; Appendix VII: Unit conversion tables 162; Glossary 163; Bibliography 165