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Birds of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao: A Site and Field Guide

by Jeffrey Wells, Allison Wells and Robert Dean Comstock Publishing As
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Pbk 488 pages
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Birds of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao is the essential guide for anyone traveling to those islands. It showcases the more than 280 species seen on Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao and provides descriptions of and directions to the best places to bird, from the famous white sand beaches to hidden watering holes to the majestic national parks.  


Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao - the "ABCs" - located in the southwestern Caribbean, not far from Venezuela, share fascinating ecological features with the West Indies as well as the South American mainland, making birding on the islands unique. The identification portion of the book features endemic subspecies such as the Brown-throated Parakeet; a wide variety of wintering North American migrants; spectacular restricted-range northern South American species such as the Yellow-shouldered Parrot, Bare-eyed Pigeon, Troupial, Ruby-topaz Hummingbird, and Yellow Oriole; and West Indian species including the Pearly-eyed Thrasher and Caribbean Elaenia.


Colorful introductory sections provide readers with a brief natural history of the islands, detailing the geography, geology, and general ecology of each. In the site guide that follows, Jeffrey V. Wells and Allison Childs Wells share their more than two decades of experience in the region, providing directions to the best birding spots. Clear, easy-to-read maps accompany each site description, along with notes about the species that birders are likely to find.  


The identification section is arranged in classic field guide format and offers vivid descriptions of each bird, along with tips on how to identify them by sight and sound. The accounts also include current status and seasonality, if relevant, and common names in English, Dutch, and Papiamento, often inspired by the unique voices of the birds, such as the “chibichibi” (Bananaquit) and “choco” (Burrowing Owl).


The accompanying color plates feature the beautiful work of illustrator Robert Dean.  The final section, on conservation, raises awareness about threats facing the birds and the habitats on which they rely and summarizes conservation initiatives and needs, offering recommendations for each island.


The Islands

Site Guide

Anatomical Features

Species Accounts

Color Plates

Bird Conservation

Annotated List of Species

"This book belongs on every keen birder's bookshelf. It is well designed, clear, and above all useful. I am particularly impressed with the way that it helps direct people to the best birding sites."—Kalli De Meyer, Executive Director, Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance

Jeffrey V. Wells is Senior Scientist for the International Boreal Conservation Campaign and Boreal Songbird Initiative and is a Research Associate at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He is the author of Birder's Conservation Handbook: 100 North American Birds at Risk, coauthor with Allison Childs Wells of Maine's Favorite Birds and Birds of Sapsucker Woods, and editor of Boreal Birds of North America.  


Allison Childs Wells is Senior Director of Public Affairs at the Natural Resources Council of Maine. She is a widely published natural history writer and contributor of many bird family accounts to Scholastic's New Book of Knowledge. She is coauthor with Jeffrey V. Wells of Maine’s Favorite Birds and Birds of Sapsucker Woods.  


Robert Dean is an avid birder and natural history illustrator. He is the illustrator of Birds of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao: A Site and Field Guide, The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide, The Birds of Panama: A Field Guide, and The Wildlife of Costa Rica: A Field Guide, all from Cornell.