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Living Sensationally: Understanding Your Senses

by Winnie Dunn Jessica Kingsley US Titles
Pub Date:
Pbk 216 pages
AU$39.99 NZ$39.12
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How do you feel when you bite into a pear… wear a feather boa… stand in a noisy auditorium… or look for a friend in a crowd? It's likely that one of these situations would be pleasant for you, and perhaps one would be unpleasant. Some people will adore the grainy texture of a pear, while others will shudder at the idea of this texture in their mouths. Touching a feather boa will be fun and luxurious to some, and others will bristle at the idea of all those feathers brushing on the skin. Noisy, busy environments will energize some people, and will overwhelm others.

These different reactions reflect people's individual sensory patterns, which in turn affect the way we react to everything that happens to us throughout the day. Living Sensationally identifies four major sensory types: Seekers, Bystanders, Avoiders and Sensors. The author helps readers to find their own patterns and the patterns of those around them, and then offers suggestions for harnessing this knowledge to make their lives more in synch with their sensations.

Living Sensationally provides practical sensory ideas for individuals, families and businesses. Armed with the information in Living Sensationally, people will be able to pick just the right kind of clothing, job and home and know why they are making such choices.

Preface. Acknowledgements.; Section 1: Learning about the Sensory Patterns.; 1. Sensation is Everywhere!; 2. How the Sensory Systems Work.; 3. Cracking Your Sensory Code. Sensory Patterns Questionnaire.; Section 2: Daily Life and Relationships.; 4. Sensational Daily Life: Living Each Day with Your Very Own Style.; 5. Sensational Relationships.; 6. ''Sense'' Able Parenting: Negotiating Life with Your Children.; Section 3: Cracking the Sensory Code in Specific Areas of Living.; 7. Hungry? Let your Senses Lead the Way!; 8. Sensational Wardrobes.; 9. Your Home is Your Castle: Creating Living Spaces that Meet Your Sensory Needs.; 10. Work Is Life Too: Knowing Sensory Patterns at Work Helps You Succeed.; 11. Sensational Leisure and Recreation: Let's Get Personal. Bibliography.

Dr. Winnie Dunn is Professor and Chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy Education at the University of Kansas Medical Center. She is the leading authority and internationally recognized for her research about how people respond to sensory experiences in their everyday lives. Professor Dunn has published widely and her work on sensory processing includes development of a set of measures, called the Sensory Profiles, which are used by many disciplines internationally. She lives with her husband Tim in Kansas City, Missouri.