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Launching Your Autistic Youth to Successful Adulthood: Everything You Need to Know About Promoting Independence and Planning for the Future

by Katharina Manassis Jessica Kingsley US Titles
Pub Date:
Pbk 240 pages
AU$39.99 NZ$40.86
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The transition from high school to adulthood is one of the most challenging times for young people on the autism spectrum. What will happen when all their familiar teachers,

educational assistants and friends disappear after graduation? Who will replace them in the adult world? How will they manage this drastic change?


Drawing on her experiences as the mother of a child on the autism spectrum and a child psychiatrist, Katharina Manassis shares common transition-related challenges and offers

real solutions for each. The book helps parents and teens plan for every stage of the journey.


The book includes discussion of what a successful transition means and how to set realistic goals. It explores specific aspects of the transition such as employment, independence and social life, and looks at how to address long-term concerns such as living arrangements and financial support.


Market: Parents of autistic teens and young adults (most relevant to families whose children are in high school or those already in early adulthood i.e. early to mid-twenties). Secondary market of professionals working with families.

PREFACEWhy I Can Help You Help Your YouthIs This Book Relevant to My Youth and Our Circumstances?How This Book Will HelpHow to Use This Book

PART 1: CHALLENGES AND GOALS FOR TRANSITION1 CHALLENGES WITH THE TRANSITION TO ADULTHOOD IN ASDWhat You Will Learn in This ChapterWhat is Lost When High School Ends?What Is It Like for You as a Parent?The Myth that it's Easy for the High FunctioningWhat Predicts a Positive Transition to Adulthood?Intervention Programs and Case ManagersRobert's Story ContinuesFinal, Hopeful ThoughtsTake-Home Pearls2 SETTING GOALS: WHO DEFINES SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION?Understanding Different PerspectivesWhere to Start with Goal-SettingWhy Not Turn This Over to a Professional?Resistance and Unrealistic GoalsCommunication StrategiesLife Beyond GoalsTake-Home Pearls

PART 2: HOW CAN PARENTS FOSTER A SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION?3 PROMOTING INDEPENDENCEWhy is Independence Challenging and How Can You Help?What Can Go WrongPromoting Independence SuccessfullyWhen Should You Advocate for Your Youth?Who Can Help You Promote Independence?Assessing Specific Independence SkillsTeaching Specific Independence SkillsPrioritizing and Encouraging New SkillsTake-Home Pearls4 OPTIMIZING EDUCATIONPreparing for the Future in High SchoolHow Can You Work Effectively with High School Educators?Overcoming Common Obstacles to GraduationWhich Post-Secondary Option is Best?What Supports are Needed in My Youth's Post-Secondary Program?To Disclose or Not to DiscloseWorking with Post-Secondary EducatorsTake-Home Pearls5 OPTIMIZING EMPLOYMENTWhat Works when Seeking Work?Employment OptionsFinding a Job through NetworkingSupporting Steps in the Job Application ProcessShould You Work with an Employment Agency?Should Your Youth Pursue a Training Program for Job Seekers?Supporting Young People in Maintaining JobsDon't Give Up!Take-Home Pearls6 PROMOTING PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTHWhy Health is a Particular Concern with ASDHow Child and Adult Health Providers DifferPreparing Your Youth for Adult Medical ProvidersHelping to Manage Chronic ConditionsHelping to Manage New/Unexpected ConditionsPreventing Health ProblemsFinal Thoughts on Your RoleTake-Home Pearls7 PROMOTING SOCIAL ADAPTATIONThe Gamut of Social RelationshipsHow Can You Help Maintain High School Friendships?What Constitutes a Good Support Group?How can You Deal with Your Youth's Online "Communities"?What Dating Advice Do Autistic Young Adults Need?How Can You Protect Your Youth from Victimization?How Can You Protect Your Youth from Trouble with the Law?Take-Home Pearls8 A SUMMARY OF HELPFUL SUPPORTSYouth Supports to ConsiderGetting Your Youth On BoardWhat Should You Look for in a Supportive Professional?What Support Programs would be Helpful for Your Youth?How Can the Government Help?What to Look For in a Supportive Friend or Family MemberShould You Go to a Support Group?What is Respite and Where Do You Get Some?Take-Home Pearls

PART 3: PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE9 PLANNING FOR THE LONG TERM: FINANCIAL ASPECTSHow Can You Plan for the Long Term When Youth Outcomes are Uncertain?How Should You Save for Your Youth's Future Needs?How Much Should You Tell Your Youth About Financial Matters?Should You Apply for Guardianship or Financial Power of Attorney?How Can You Ensure Government Benefits Continue Beyond Your Death?Should You Involve a Trust Company?What Needs to be Included in Your Will?Take-Home Pearls10 PLANNING FOR THE LONG TERM: SOCIAL ASPECTSCan't This Wait Until You Sort Out Education and Employment?What Happens if my Son or Daughter Loses Close Friends?How can You Connect Youth with Supportive Communities?What Are Some Options for Living Away from Home? What is Required for Him or Her to Live Independently?How Do You Decide on the Best Living Arrangements with Your Youth?How Do You Judge the Degree of Support Your Youth Needs?What About Having Your Youth Live With a Family Member?Will My Son or Daughter Ever Marry?Take-Home Pearls11 RESILIENCE, REALISTIC HOPE, AND AVOIDING BURNOUTTransition to Adulthood is a Family AffairRecognizing BurnoutHelpful Actions and Attitudes to Reduce BurnoutAttending to Your PartnerHelping Your Autistic Youth's Siblings CopeYour Youth's Place in the Family and ResilienceCourse Corrections on the Road to AdulthoodFinding Realistic HopeTake-Home PearlsReferencesBibliographyIndex

An absolute "must read" not only for parents and families but for physicians and professionals as well who work with Autistic Youth. Dr Manassis offers a book that is easy to read as well as comprehensive and based on the latest research with multiple references. She addresses the challenging realities of the transition to adulthood in ASD offering pragmatic solutions that inspire and motivate the reader. I wholeheartedly recommend it!
Katharina Manassis is Professor Emerita at the University of Toronto. She is a retired child psychiatrist and mother to an autistic son who has successfully transitioned to adulthood. She lives in Ontario, Canada.