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Fear and Learning: From Basic Processes to Clinical Implications

by Michelle G Craske, Dirk Hermans and Debora Vansteenwegen American Psychological Association
Pub Date:
Hbk 320 pages
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Although fear plays an important role in human development, adaptation, and, ultimately, survival, fear can be disabling when it manifests itself as a phobia or an anxiety disorder. Effective treatment for fear-based disorders depends upon the basic science that informs theories about the origins of fear and about how fear is learned. This book brings together the most recent empirical developments in learning theory for understanding the etiology and treatment of fears and phobias. The editors have assembled contributions from leading scientists whose work represents the cutting edge in such areas as measurement methodology, neurobiology, cognitive processing, behavioral models, emotion regulation, and pharmacological and other clinical treatments. After a review of the history of fear learning and basic concepts and methods in fear measurement, subsequent s elucidate processes of acquisition and maintenance of fear, finally moving to the extinction, renewal, and reinstatement of fear. The research synthesized in this book has applicability to the entire spectrum of anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, and specific phobias.

Contents: Preface / Acknowledgements / Introduction. Fears and Phobias: Etiological Factors - Michelle G. Craske, Deborah Vansteenwegen, and Dirk Hermans / PART I. FEAR AND LEARNING: BASIC ISSUES / Chapter 1. Fear Conditioning and Clinical Implications:What Can Be Learned From The Past? - Paul Eelen and Bram Vervliet / Chapter 2. Human fear learning: Contemporary Procedures and Measurement - Ottmar V. Lipp / PART II. ACQUISITION AND MAINTENANCE OF FEAR / Chapter 3. Defenses and Memories: Functional Neural Circuitry of Fear and Conditional Responding - Jennifer J. Quinn and Michael S. Fanselow / Chapter 4. Contemporary Learning Theory Perspectives on the Etiology of Fears and Phobias - Susan Mineka and Jon Sutton / Chapter 5. Cognitive Mechanisms in Fear Acquisition and Maintenance - Graham C.L. Davey / Chapter 6. Fear and Avoidance: An Integrated Expectancy Model - Peter Lovibond / Chapter 7. Fear Conditioning in an Emotion Regulation Context: A Fresh Perspective on the Origins of Anxiety Disorders - John P. Forsyth / PART III. EXTINCTION, RENEWAL, AND REINSTATEMENT OF FEAR / Chapter 8. Anatomical, molecular, and cellular substrates of fear extinction - Mark Barad / Chapter 9. Counteracting the Context-Dependence of Extinction: Relapse and Tests of Some Relapse Prevention Methods - Mark E. Bouton, Amanda M. Woods, Erik W. Moody, Ceyhun Sunsay, and Ana García-Gutiérrez / Chapter 10. Renewal and Reinstatement of Fear: Evidence From Human Conditioning Research - Debora Vansteenwegen, Trinette Dirikx, Dirk Hermans, Bram Vervliet & Paul Eelen / Chapter 11. Exposure Therapy and Extinction: Clinical Studies - Michelle G. Craske and Jayson L. Mystkowski PART IV: FINAL THOUGHTS / Fear and Learning: Debates, Future Research and Clinical Implications - Dirk Hermans, Deborah Vansteenwegen, and Michelle G. Craske / References / Author Index / Subject Index