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Cases and Exercises in Organization Development and Change 2ed

by Donald Anderson SAGE Publications, Inc
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Pbk 400 pages
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Cases and Exercises in Organization Development and Change 2ed is a comprehensive text of case studies and exercises designed for courses in organization development and change. The text presents a three-part structure that is easily followed on its own or in conjunction with another OD text. Part I presents cases about the organization development process: entry and contracting with clients, gathering data, giving feedback, encountering client resistance, selecting interventions, and sustaining change. Part II addresses interventions in greater detail by presenting cases in organization-wide, team, and individual interventions. In this section, cases describe practitioner and client challenges in areas such as organization design and restructuring, leadership coaching, role analysis in teams, and more. Each of the cases in these sections includes learning objectives as well as discussion questions. Part III presents exercises that students can use on their own or as in-class activities. These activities enhance the students' theoretical learning with practical and experiential exercises that make the course material come alive through realistic scenarios that managers and organizational change practitioners regularly experience.


Introduction to Organization Development and Case Study Analysis - Donald L. Anderson
Cases in Organization Development & Change
1. What is Organization Development?
Every Coin has Two Sides - Donald L. Anderson
Sticker Shock in an Organization that Will Not Stick Together - Barbara A. Ritter
2. History of Organization Development
A Leadership Transition in Corporate Finance - Donald L. Anderson
Greencycle Publishing - Donald L. Anderson, Jennifer A. Thompson
3. Core Values and Ethics of Organization Development
The Ethically Dubious Line of Covertly Gathering Data at RoboWorks, and Other Challenges - Craig L. Engstrom
When a Contract is Not Enough - Margaret DiCocco, Matthew J. Borneman
4. Foundations of Organizational Change
Williams & Norton Insurance: Sustaining Customer Engagement - Linda Ronnie
AMD's struggle for survival: A Technology Giant's Restructuring and Changing Process to Win Competition - Bekir Emre Kurtulmus
5. The Organization Development Practitioner and the OD Process
The Venue Theatre - Donald L. Anderson, Paul J. Liffengren
When a Team Breaks in Two - Scott Dickmeyer
6. Entry and Contracting
Consulting in Indian Hygiene Products Limited: Entry and Contracting - Debabrata Chatterjee, Krishnan TN
Foot Caught In the Door: Healthy Changes in Health Care Companies - Zachary A. Schaefer
7. Data Gathering
Evaluating the Fluidity of Work-life Balance - DeAnne Priddis, Kristine M. Nicolini
Proposing a Data Gathering Strategy at AeroTech, Inc. - Donald L. Anderson
8. Diagnosis and Feedback
Simeron Technologies Legal Department - David W. Moyle
Healthy Sips: Strategic Talent Development - Cyndi Huff Gaudet, Heather Mire Annulis
9. An Introduction to Interventions
Diemen-Contour: Growth Challenges in a Family Firm - Ram Subramanian, Margré Heetebrij-van Dalfsen, Ilse A. Matser, Isabel C. Botero
Where Do We Begin? Selecting an Intervention at the Springfield County Office of Economic Development - Donald L. Anderson
10. Individual Interventions
Internal Workplace Coaching: The Case of Bernice - Cynthia Roman
Leadership Development through Mindfulness Training - Jeremy P. Fyke, Tim Cigelske
11. Team Interventions
The Story Behind the Story: Discovering and Addressing the Real Team Problem - Rosemary Maellaro, Jude Olson
Decision-Making and Sustainability in the Face of Uncertainty: Selecting a New Organizational Leader - Maureen Wieland, Jimmie Manning
12. Whole Organization and Multiple Organization Interventions (Part 1)
Adjusting the Matrix - Amy Kates
Global Retirement Strategies, Inc.—A Tale of Two Cities - Tom Jasinski
13. Whole Organization and Multiple Organization Interventions (Part 2)
Consolidated Construction Materials Supply – 1: A Case Study in Dialogic OD - Gervase R. Bushe
Consolidated Construction Materials Supply – 2: A Case Study in Dialogic OD - Gervase R. Bushe
14. Sustaining Change, Evaluating, and Ending an Engagement
Developing and Using a Dashboard to Monitor and Lead Change - Alessio Vaccarezza, Salvatore Zappalà
The Change Story of Crown University - Alev Katrinli, Bekir Emre Kurtulmus
15. Global Issues in Organization Development
Utilizing the Tenets of Ubuntu: A Global Organization Development Case Study - Peter Sorensen, Therese Yaeger, Dalitso Sulamoyo
Global Chain of Command: A Japanese Multi-National Manufacturer in the United States - Sachiyo Shearman
16. The Future of Organization Development
Dialogic Organization Development in a Virtual Organization - Kate Woolhouse
Help for Hip People - Donald L. Anderson
Exercises and Activities
Contracting with a Client
Organization Development Practitioner Skills
Data Gathering
Giving Feedback
Resistance to Change
Resistance to Change Scale
Cynicism about Organizational Change
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Coaching and Individual Instruments
Team Values
Team Diagnosis and Intervention
Team Facilitation
Identifying and Changing Organizational Culture
Perceived Organizational Innovativeness Scale
15. Designing and Redesigning Organizations