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Personality Psychology: A Student-Centered Approach 2ed

by Jim McMartin SAGE Publications, Inc
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Pbk 408 pages
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In Personality Psychology 2e author Jim McMartin examines major theories of personality as they apply to understanding our past, present, and future selves. McMartin uses a question-and-answer approach to help students understand how theories of personality are relevant across the lifespan.


Throughout the text students are encouraged to critically evaluate each theory for themselves in terms of how much it contributes to an understanding of their own personalities and lives. The second edition now includes two new chapters on Research Methods and Personality Assessment and Personality Disorders.

Part I: Basic Issues in Personaility Psychology
Chapter 1: Using Theory and Research to Understand Personality
Basic Questions about Theories
Five Personality Theories
Chapter 2: Research Methods and Personality Assessment
Research Methods
Personality Assessment
Ethical Issues In Research And Assessment
Summing Up: How Should I Interpret My Score On A Personality Test?
Part II: My Past Self
Chapter 3: Genetic and Temperamental Influences
Behavioral Genetics: The Seeds of Personality
Chapter 4: Cultivating Personality
Ingredient #1: Parenting Styles
Ingredient #2: Attachment
Ingredient #3: Identification
Part III: My Present Self
Chapter 5: Identity and Self- Esteem
Psychosocial Theory Of Identity
Humanistic/Narrative Approaches To Identity And Self-Esteem
Single-Variable Research Programs
Chapter 6: Needs, Motives, and Goals
Alfred Adler's Fundamental Human Motive
Three Humanistic Approaches to Motivation
Evolutionary Psychology's View Of Motivation
Dispositional Approaches To Motivation
Cognitive Approaches To Motivation
Chapter 7: Stress And Coping
Interpretational Approaches
Dispositional Approaches
Psychodynamic Approaches
Positive Psychology And Coping
Chapter 8: Disorders Of Personality
What Is A Personality Disorder?
Thinking About Personality Disorders: Syndromes or Dimensions?
Ten Personality Disorders
Syndromes Vs. Dimensions: Strengths And Weaknesses
Sources For Diagnosis
Personality Disorders Over The Life Span
Part IV: My Future Self
Chapter 9: Expectations, Plans, And Self- Regulation
The Psychology Of Personal Constructs
Expectancies And Internal Working Models
Self-Regulation: Threats And Theories
Chapter 10: Continuity And Change Over The Life Course
Personality Stability And Change
Levels Of Personality
Humanistic And Existential Approaches
Psychodynamic Approaches to Continuity and Change

Jim McMartin began his career In psychology as a Research Associate at the Institute of DevelopmentalStudies In New York City, where he helped analyze the Initial data that showed the benefits of early preschoolexperience, which led to federal funding of the Head Start Program. He earned degrees inpsychology from Fordham University (B.S.), Brooklyn College (M.A.), and the University of Minnesota(Ph.D.). He Is currently Professor Emeritus In the Department of Psychology at California State University,Northridge. He has published numerous research articles In such journals as the Journal of Personality andSocial Psychology, Human Relations, Research In Higher Education, Sociometry, and Social Behavior andPersonality, He contributed an Invited article on the development of racial awareness and attitudes to theInternational Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Neurology.