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Hezbollah and Hamas: A Comparative Study

by Joshua L Gleis and Benedetta Berti Johns Hopkins University Press
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Pbk 264 pages
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Hezbollah and Hamas are major players in Middle Eastern politics and have a growing involvement in global events. Despite their strikingly different beginnings, they share a common denominator—an adversary in Israel. Hezbollah and Hamas draws from primary interviews and documents coupled with a thorough review of current scholarship. This is a portrait of the organizations' roots, histories, ideologies, relationships, tactics, political outlooks, and futures. Joshua L. Gleis and Benedetta Berti present organization charts, maps, and a case study of the TriBorder Area in South America, which frequently serves as an operational center for terrorist groups.

Recognizing that these two groups are increasingly relevant to U.S. national security, Gleis and Berti provide a comparative analysis of their histories and political missions that moves beyond reductionist portrayals of the organizations' military operations.

List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
Part 1: Hezbollah
1. The Lebanese Players: A Background
The Shiites and Amal
The Maronites
Maronite Christian Parties Today
The Palestinians
The Sunnis
Lebanese Salafi-Jihadist Groups
The Lebanese Political System
2. Hezbollah: History and Development
The Beginning
Hezbollah in Post-Taif Lebanon
3. Ideals and Belief System
The Religious Pillars
A View of the World: External Enemies and Allies
Hezbollah in Lebanon: A Political and Military Platform
4. Structure
Political and Military Structure
Social Welfare
Latin America and the Tri-Border Area as a Case Study
5. Strategies and Tactics
Military Operations
Regional Involvement: A Growing Trend
Propaganda and Psychological Warfare
Part II: Hamas and Militancy in the Palestinian Territories
6. The Palestinian Players: A Background
The PLO and Fatah
Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Salafi-Jihadist Groups in Gaza
7. Hamas: History and Development
The Beginning
Political and Social Development
8. Ideals and Belief System
Islamist Roots and Religious Pillars
A View of the World and of the State of Israel
Hamas in the Palestinian Territories: Political Agenda and Activities
9. Structure
Political and Military Structure
Social Activism and Grass-Roots Support
10. Strategies and Tactics
Military Operations
Propaganda and Psychological Warfare
Part III: COuntering Hezbollah and Hamas
11. Israeli Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism
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"While Hamas and Hizbullah have vastly different origins, they share a common adversary: Israel. As the groups become increasingly relevant to US national security, the authors provide a thorough overview of their histories, ideologies, tactics and futures'combining scholarship and primary sources in their analysis."

Joshua L. Gleis is an independent scholar and international security consultant. Benedetta Berti is a lecturer in Middle Eastern studies at Tel Aviv University and an associate fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies.

Benedetta Berti is a research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and a lecturer at Tel Aviv University.