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Career Management 4ed

by Jeffrey H Greenhaus, Gerard A Callanan and Veronica M Godshalk SAGE Publications, Inc
Pub Date:
Pbk 512 pages
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Career Management, 4e is designed to help students understand themselves and their careers, to develop the skills necessary to manage their careers effectively, and to act as a mentor or human resource manager helping other workers develop their own careers. This new edition is a thorough revision of the third edition of the text, capturing new and emerging theories and issues related to career management. It also incorporates significant new material, such as international careers, social capital, mentoring, and entrepreneurship.

The Fourth Edition Features:
-Balance of theory and practice
-Continued application of the book's well-established model of career management
-Mixture of individual and organizational actions regarding career management
-Updated and streamlined learning exercises integrated into the text to help readers practice career management skills
-Fine-tuning of existing section-ending cases and preparation of additional cases
-End-of-chapter summaries, assignments, and discussion questions

COURSE USE: Careers; Human Resource Management

ANCILLARIES: A companion Website will include electronic versions of the in-text exercises, relevant Web sites (including links to career resources, assessments, and questionnaires), PowerPoint slides and more.

PART I: The Career Management Process: Theory and Application
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Study of Careers
The Changing Landscape of Work
Definition of Career Concepts
What is a Career?
Career Management
Career Development
The Need to Understand Career Management
The Individual Perspective
The Organizational Perspective
Summary of the Contemporary Workplace
Chapter 1 Case: Richard the Information Systems Executive
Chapter 2: Career Contexts and Stages
The Traditional Perspectives on Careers
Contemporary Perspectives on Careers: The Boundaryless and Protean Themes
Social Influences on Careers
The Differing Meanings of Career Success
The Developmental or Stage-Based Perspective on Careers
Erikson's Approach to Life Development
Levinson's Approach to Adult Life Development
Stages of Career Development
Chapter 2 Case: Kevin at the Crossroads
Chapter 3: A Model of Career Management
An Overview of the Career Management Model
Theory and Research on the Career Management Process
Career Management as on Ongoing Process
Indicators of Effective Career Management
Chapter 3 Case: Michele Terry, the Aspiring Banking Executive
Chapter 4: Applications of a Career Management Model: A Guide to Career Exploration
Types of Career Exploration
Consideration of Needs Outside of Work
Techniques for Self-Exploration
Theme Identification
Environmental Exploration
Techniques for Effective Work Exploration
Understanding One's Preferred Work Environment
Overcoming Obstacles to Career Exploration: A Set of Guidelines
Self and Environmental Exploration: A Reciprocal Relationship
Chapter 4 Case: Joe Francis the Sales Executive
Appendix for Chapter 4: Learning Exercises #1 through #4
Chapter 5: Applications of the Career Management Model: Goals, Strategies, and Appraisal
Career Goal Setting
Components of Career Goals
Development of Long-Term and Short-Term Conceptual Goals
Development of Long-Term and Short-Term Operational Goals
Are Long-Term Career Goals Necessary?
Overcoming Obstacles to Goal Setting: A Set of Guidelines
Inability to Set Career Goals: Career Indecision
Implications of Goal Setting for Organizations and their Employees
Developing Career Strategies
Types of Career Strategies
Guidelines for the Development of Career Strategies
Career Appraisal
Types and Sources of Information Derived from Career Appraisal
Guidelines for Effective Career Appraisal
Career Management: A Blend of Formal and Informal Activities
Chapter 5 Case: Kimberly the Graduating College Student
Appendix for Chapter 5: Learning Exercises #5 and #6
PART II: The Stages of Career Development
Chapter 6: Occupational and Organizational Choice
Occupational Choice
Theories of Occupational Choice
Guidelines for Effective Occupational Decision Making
Organizational Choice—The Process of Entering an Organization
Theories of Organizational Choice
Organizational Choice and Entry in Later Adulthood
Organizational Actions During the Entry Process
Assessment and Selection
Individual Actions During the Entry Process
Chapter 6 Case: Natalie the Retail Manager (Part A)
Appendix for Chapter 6: Learning Exercises #7 and #8
Chapter 7: The Early Career Stage: Establishment and Achievement
The Establishment Phase
Organizational Actions During Establishment
Individual Actions During Establishment
The Achievement Period
Organizational Actions During Achievement
Individual Actions During Achievement
The Early Career: A Question of Timing
Chapter 7 Case #1: Natalie the Retail Manager (Part B)
Chapter 7 Case #2: Claudia the Star Performer
Chapter 8: The Middle and Late Career Stages: Career Challenges for Seasoned Employees
The Middle Career Years
Organizational Actions During Midcareer
The Late Career
Remaining Productive
Preparation for Retirement
Organizational Actions During Late Career
Individual Actions During Later Career
Chapter 8 Case: George the Banker
PART III: Contemporary Issues in Career Management
Chapter 9: Job Stress and Careers
Job Stress: An Overview
Sources and Consequences of Stress
Coping, Social Support, and Stress
Organizational Actions
Chapter 9 Case: Sally the Stressed Saleswoman
Chapter 10: The Intersection of Work and Family Roles: Implications for Career Management
Work-Family Conflict: When Work and Family are "Enemies"
Work-Family Enrichment: When Work and Family are "Allies"
The Two-Career Family
Sources of Stress in the Two-Career Relationship
Quality of Life In Two-Career Families
Organizational Responses to Work-Family Issues
Career Management and Quality of Life
Chapter 10 Case: The Prized Promotion
Chapter 11: Managing Diversity
Fairness in Organizations
A Model of Organizational Fairness
Is Diversity Inherently Valuable?
Organizational Actions
Characteristics of the Multicultural Organization
Organizational Approaches to the Challenges of Diversity
Organizational Programs and Policies
Managing Diversity: Opportunities and Competence
Individual Actions
Chapter 11 Case: Dave the Aspiring Executive (Part A)
Chapter 12: Entrepreneurial Careers
Entrepreneurship: An Overview
Choosing an Entrepreneurial Career
Other Factors that Encourage Entrepreneurial Careers
Entrepreneurial Bridge Careers
Support for the Entrepreneurial Career
Characteristics and Experiences of Female and Minority Entrepreneurs
Selecting and Managing the Entrepreneurial Career
Chapter 12 Case: Dave the Aspiring Executive (Part B)
PART IV: Career Management in Work Organizations
Chapter 13: The Role of Strategic Human Resource Management Systems in Career Management
Integration of Career Management within Strategic HRM Systems
Strategic Human Resource Processes
Chapter 13 Case: The Corporate Policy Change
Chapter 14: Closing Thoughts on Career Management
Looking to the Future
Effective Career Management

"Excellent text, superior information, and spot on with regard to student needs."
Jeffrey H. Greenhaus is Professor and William A. Mackie Chair in the Department of Management at Drexel Universityas LeBow College of Business. A Fellow of the American Psychological Society and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), he received his Ph.D. degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from New York University. Jeffas research, which focuses on career dynamics and work-family linkages, has appeared in such journals as the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Vocational Behavior, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. Former Associate Editor of the Journal of Vocational Behavior, Jeff is co-editor (with Saroj Parasuraman) of Integrating Work and Family: Challenges and Choices for a Changing World (Quorum Books, 1997), co-author (with Stewart D. Friedman) of Work and Family-Allies or Enemies? What Happens when Business Professionals Confront Life Choices (Oxford University Press, 2000), and co-author (with Gerard. A. Callanan and Veronica. M. Godshalk) of Career Management, which is now in its 3rd Edition (Thomson-Southwestern, 2000). Gerard A. Callanan is an Associate Professor in the Management Department at West Chester University. He received a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Drexel University. Prior to his appointment at West Chester University in 2001, he was a Vice President with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. During his twenty-two years at the Federal Reserve, Gerry held a number of senior posts, including responsibility for such areas as strategic planning, credit and risk management, and national currency management. A member of the Academy of Management, the American Psychological Association, and the Society for the Advancement of Management, his research has appeared (or will appear) in such scholarly publications as the Journal of Vocational Behavior, Career Development International, the Journal of Psychology, the Journal of Education for Business, the Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, Education + Training, and Team Performance Management Journal. In 2000, Gerry co-authored (with Jeffrey H. Greenhaus and Veronica. M. Godshalk) the third edition of the textbook Career Management, published by Thomson-Southwestern. Veronica M. (Ronnie) Godshalk is an Associate Professor of Management in the Department of Business Administration at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort. She is also the Business Administration Department Chair, and has been at USCB since August 2007. Dr. Godshalk teaches courses in organizational behavior, management and leadership, business research methods, and career management. She previously taught at the Pennsylvania State University for fourteen years, where she received the 2000 Arthur L. Glenn Award for Faculty Teaching Innovation and received tenure and Associate rank. Dr. Godshalk has also taught at Drexel University. Dr. Godshalkas research interests include issues surrounding career management and mentoring. She has published extensively with forty articles, books, book chapters and refereed conference proceedings in print. In 2000, she published a book, Career Management, with co-authors Jeff Greenhaus and Gerry Callanan and is currently working on a 4th edition. She is an active member and presenter in professional associations, such as the Academy of Management and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Dr. Godshalk had worked in the computer industry in sales and sales management prior to entering academia, and has been a consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. She earned her Ph.D. from Drexel University, and her M.S. from the University of Pennsylvania.