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Key Concepts in Race and Ethnicity

by Nasar Meer SAGE Publications Ltd
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Pbk 176 pages
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This book offers an accessible discussion of both foundational and novel concepts in the study of race and ethnicity. Each account will help readers become familiar with how long standing and contemporary arguments within race and ethnicity studies contribute to our understanding of social and political life more broadly. Providing an excellent starting point with which to understand the contemporary relevance of these concepts, Nasar Meer offers an up-to-date and engaging consideration of everyday examples from around the world.

Introduction Why a New Book on Race and Ethnicity? Carving Nature at its Joints Reflexivity How to Use This BookANTISEMITISM The Object-Subject Distinction From Bigitory to Racism Hieracrhies and the New AntisemtismBLACKNESS An Etymology of Blackness Blackness and Double Consciousness Blackness as a Political Identity The Black AtlanticCITIZENSHIP The Challenge Of Citizenship What the Greeks and Romans Did For Us Marshall and Beyond: Equality and Culture National and Post-National Citzenship Citizenship and New Social MovementsDIASPORA Co-Ordinates of Diaspora Diaspora and Groups Diasporic SpaceETHNICITY Subjectivities Or Primoridalisms? Ethnic Boundaries And Ethnic Assertiveness New and Old Ethnicities Boundaries and DrawbacksEQUALITIES AND INEQUALITIES Foot Races And Starting Lines Groups and Experiences Recognition or Redistribution?EURO-ISLAM Euro-Islam as Multidirectional Process Euro-Islam as Muslim Adaptation Re-Locating the Muslim SubjectHEALTH AND WELLBEING Ethnicity and Health Disease and Categories Ethnic VariationsHYBRIDITY Hybridity as Translation Hybritity as IdentityINTERCULTURALISM Communication Beyond Co-Existence? Free From Cultural Groups A Stronger Sense of the Whole Illiberalism And CultureINTEGRATION Two Uses Diversity and Integration A Vortex IssueINTERSECTIONALITY Structural Or Political Intersectionality? Intra-Catrgorical, Anti-Categorical, and Inter-Categorical Unitary, Multiple and IntersectionalISLAMOPHOBIA Challenges and Responses Intersectional Islamophobia: Gender and CivilisationMIGRATION Recent Trends in Migration Three Ages of Mass Migration Theorising MigrationMIXEDNESS Mixedness as Population Change Mixedness as Racial FormationMULTICULTURALISM A Philiosphical Rationale Political Provenance(s) Intellectual Calibrations Known Knowns, Known Unknowns The Backlash and BeyondNATIONALISM Nationalism and the State What is a Nation? Imagined Communities Ethnies And Pre-Modernity The Bad and the BanalPOLITICAL PARTICIPATION The Function Of Political Rights Political Participation as the Franchise Securing RepresentationPOSTCOLONIALISM Post or Present? Politics, Culture or Both? Addressing or Ignoring the Poscolonial?RACE History and Categorisation A Biological Category Post-Race or the Paradox of Race?RACE RELATIONS Origins British Race Relations Six Orders of Race Relations Status and PartyRACIALISATION Intellectual Provenances Historical Racialisation Contemporary Racialisation Positive Racialisaiton and Model Minorities Institutional RacismRECOGNITION The Range of Recognition Phenomenology and Ethics Critical Theory and Race Multicultural Turns Democratic Participation The Emergence of MisrecognitionSECULARISM Contemporary Meanings Secularism and State Securalism And Autonomy Secularism and Citizenship PostsecularismSUPER-DIVERSITY A Concept For Our Time What is New that is aSupera?TRANSNATIONALISM Social Morphology and Consciousness Cultural Reproduction and Capital Political Engagement and SpaceWHITENESS White or Western? Racial Supremacy and Privilege Class and Negotiating Identity

The scope of selection truly demonstrates the profound intersections of racial issues with everyday phenomena and the general ubiquity of racial politics... this book successfully outlines the dynamics of the field and provides an excellent account of key concepts of essential topics of 'race' and ethnicity. Either as an engaging introduction to the discipline or a succinct reference to extend knowledge, the book is likely to appeal to a readership from within and beyond sociology; to undergraduates and researchers alike.
Nasar Meer- University of Southampton