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Moral Theory: An Introduction 2ed

by Mark Timmons Rowman and Littlefield
Pub Date:
Pbk 380 pages
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Moral Theory: An Introduction explores some of the most historically important and currently debated moral theories about the nature of the right and good. Providing an introduction to moral theory that explains and critically examines the theories of such classical moral philosophers as Aristotle, Aquinas, Kant, Bentham, Mill, and Ross, this book acquaints students with the work of contemporary moral philosophers. All of the book's chapters have been revised in light of recent work in moral theory. The second edition includes a new chapter on ethical egoism, an extensively revised chapter on moral particularism, and expanded coverage of divine command theory, moral relativism, and consequentialism. Additionally, this edition discusses recent work by moral psychologists that is making an impact on moral theory.


Chapter 1. An Introduction to Moral Theory

Chapter 2. Divine Command Theory

Chapter 3. Moral Relativism

Chapter 4. Natural Law Theory

Chapter 5. Consequentialism 1: Classical Utilitarianism

Chapter 6. Consequentialism 2: Contemporary Developments

Chapter 7. Ethical Egoism

Chapter 8. Kant’s Moral Theory

Chapter 9. Moral Pluralism

Chapter 10. Virtue Ethics

Chapter 11. Moral Particularism

Chapter 12. Conclusion

Appendix: Standards for Evaluating Moral Theories




About the Author

Mark Timmons’ Moral Theory: An Introduction provides sympathetic examinations of a comprehensive range of ethical theories, balanced by judicious critical arguments. Adding a valuable chapter on ethical egoism, the second edition updates the discussions and extremely useful lists of further readings. The addition of “empirical readings” is especially welcome. Clearly written and peppered with contemporary examples, Moral Theory is an excellent resource for students and instructors alike.

— Holly Smith, Rutgers University



The second edition of the textbook by Mark Timmons on normative ethics constitutes a significant improvement on what was already a superb achievement. Timmons discusses the basic ideas and new developments in moral theory, and he presents arguments in such a clear fashion that advanced undergraduates will love the text. This edition is the best upper-level textbook on moral theory of any I have seen.

— Brad Hooker, University of Reading (UK)
Mark Timmons is professor of philosophy at the University of Arizona. He has published extensively on topics in moral theory, metaethics, and Kant’s ethics. He is author of Morality without Foundations (1999) and editor of Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics.