By Emma Weber, Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Jack J. Phillips


Making Change Work (2016) is a new release by AITD member and AITD2016 Keynote speaker Emma Weber, written with Dr Jack J Phillips and Dr Patti Phillips from the ROI Institute.

The authors create a compelling case for successful change which results when individuals alter their behaviour to deliver business results. Using Weber’s Turning Learning into ActionTM methodology and the ROI Institute’s methodology for evaluating impact, the book provides a clearguide to create behavioural change through learning transfer.

While the book offers a step-by-step process to ensure change initiatives have a positive business impact, this is not just a simple checklist of what to do. The methodology is underpinned by research and there are some excellent case studies to show the process working in practice.

This practical book would be useful for L&D professionals implementing any initiative that requires sustained behavioural change to achieve return on investment.


Reviewed by Elizabeth Robinson, CEO AITD